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Who We Are
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We seek to be a space of union between the community and university where information and educational resources can be shared. These include services and resources identified through community stakeholders that help the quality of life for older adults, caregivers, and the general population in Cayey and Puerto Rico.



Our vision is to promote and facilitate access to educational and health-related policy information and those health and health-related services necessary to achieve quality of life throughout the lifespan.

About us

We are a research team from the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey that seeks to identify, promote, and share strategies and alternatives routes to medical and social help seeking in the central region of Puerto Rico in hopes that these promote a better quality of life for everyone. Our work is a result of information gathered through fieldwork and interviews with older adults, caregivers, and public health professionals in the central region of Puerto Rico from September 2017 onward.

Older adults. (Flickr / Marina del Castell)

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