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Support Groups and Organizations
for older adults

Welcome to the support groups and organizations page for older adults. In it, you will find different support organizations in Puerto Rico, aimed at the entire population of older adults, and focused on people with dementia. Each group's link is located above the name of the organization. Click on these to learn more about each organization.

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Older adult support organizations
Logo AARRP.png

AARP  is an agency that offers resources for seniors, health and wellness tips, entertainment, a community of local older adults, and much more.

Oficina del procurador de edad avanzada.jfif

OPPEA is a government office in Puerto Rico dedicated to issues related to the elderly in Puerto Rico.


The Caregiver Support Alliance organization  promotes caregiver self-care and the caregiver's role in Puerto Rican society.

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Care Givers of Puerto Rico is an agency that provides individualized and electronic services for people who need care and assistance.

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The COSALL agency provides housekeeping services for people with health conditions.

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Support for people with dementia 
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OPAPA  is an organization that offers therapies, cognitive stimulation, speech pathology, physical and recreational education to people with memory loss, Alzheimer's or other dementias.

Logo Asociación de Alzheimers.png

The Alzheimer's Association of Puerto Rico is dedicated to building support groups in different municipalities of Puerto Rico and offering workshops and training.

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De Frente al Alzheimer is intended to financially help those patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's with limited resources.

GWEP Logo.png

PR GWEP is a program aimed at developing health professionals committed to the patient, 
caregivers and community organizations with the goal of transforming the current health system into one that is welcoming to older adults.

Logo Cafe por el Alxheimer.png

A Coffee for Alzheimer's  is a Facebook page dedicated  to guide the Puerto Rican community about Alzheimer's disease. 

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